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Brazilian Lymphatic Massage

This two day post graduate course is designed for therapists qualified in level 3 and above who hold the relevant anatomy and physiology training. Whether this is your first lymphatic drainage massage course, or you are already an experienced practitioner of other massage therapies, we will endeavour that you learn all you can about Brazilian lymphatic massage and finish the course feeling confident. 

Brazilian Lymphatic Massage is a form of massage that involves stimulating the lymphatic system of the body for the removal of toxins and excess fluids. It differs from traditional lymphatic drainage techniques by combining various massage movements, including gentle strokes, rhythmic motions, kneading, stimulating movements and the use of wooden tools. This therapy is suitable for eliminating excess body fluids that tend to accumulate in the deeper tissues of the skin and muscles. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage can help you lose inches, boost your immune system, and increase your overall health.

Course content

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Course Objective

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Brazilian Lymphatic massage

Dry Body Brushing

Wooden Tools


Client Consultation

Consultation Form


Lymphatic System Overview

Body conditions


Anatomy and physiology


Preparing your Work Area

Health & Safety

Professional Ethics


GDPR/Data Protection/Client Confidentiality

Brazilian lymphatic Massage Routine/Procedure

7th & 8th September 2024

John Smith Business park.

1 Begg Road,



Cost: £650 - inclusive two day training- Kit included

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